Focus Session Facilitator, Public Speaker & Educator

In March 2015, Jacqueline gave a presentation to the Resurg Group™, an Australian Management Company, whose interest was in the host agency model.

Ongoing focus sessions in 2014 and 2015 are conducted with travel agency owners, clients and suppliers to determine website changes, client relationship management and human resources issues.

Jacqueline is a guest speaker for the Canadian Tourism College and the Native Education Centre, both in Vancouver.

As Chair, Jacqueline was a keynote speaker at many ACTA events across the country.

I have experienced Jacqueline’s ability as a facilitator in a focus session which included stakeholders in a travel agency, their clients and suppliers. Jacqueline came very well prepared and had control of the room at all times. Her listening skills and her industry knowledge allowed her to navigate the group towards achieving the research required.”

Cathy Denroche, Regional Sales Director, Oceania Cruises