Aboriginal Travel Services

A ground-breaking initiative created by The Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia, Jacqueline received her Certificate of Achievement “Working Effectively With Aboriginal Peoples” in 2013.  Jacqueline’s role was pivotal to winning this business for the host agency.  ATS’ mandate is dedicated to the business & leisure travel needs of companies, bands, organizations & individuals throughout Canada.

I have known Jacqueline as an entrepreneur since 1987 and have admired her strengths as a successful retail travel agency owner in downtown Vancouver for over 25 years. Her reputation in BC and in Canada amongst suppliers and peers alike is exemplary.

Aboriginal Travel Services is hosted by WD World Travel in Vancouver. Jacqueline’s role in winning this business for WD included responding successfully to a competitive RFP process; to creating the curriculum for First Nations’ applicants to train as travel agents and to providing executive support to this project on an ongoing basis.
Jacqueline’s knowledge and grasp of the importance of Aboriginal Travel Services’ budget and financial forecasts were crucial to the success of ATS.

- Scott Roberts, Vice President, Aboriginal Travel Services

Jacqueline’s belief in and passion for the Aboriginal Travel Services project was apparent from the beginning. Her understanding of the AtBC’s board priorities, her interview process for trainees, the financial parameters and her ready availability to meet whenever asked were major assets to the project, along with her clear understanding of what it takes for a travel agency to succeed in 2015. I enjoyed a mutually respectful and committed working relationship with Jacqueline.”  

Cecilia Point, Finance and Project Specialist, Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC